Artificial grass can provide an excellent surface for pet owners to give their furry friends the best possible playing conditions. Not only does it look good and require minimal maintenance, but it also provides them with safety, comfort, and health benefits.

At Artificial Grass Wigan, we are passionate about what we do. We are committed to providing our customers with the excellent value and service possible based on the highest quality products and materials. We will ensure that the artificial grass we install is safe for pets. Here are 5 top tips for any dog owners considering getting artificial grass:

Check the Pile Height

Before purchasing artificial grass, it is important to check the pile height of the product. Pile height refers to how long the blades of grass are and can vary from about 10mm – 45mm for synthetic turf. If your dog is a large breed or has an active lifestyle, you will want to opt for a more extended pile height, as this will enable them to sink their paws into the turf and prevent any discomfort or slipping due to lack of traction.

On the other hand, if you have a small breed or elderly dog with limited mobility, then a shorter pile may be better suited as it won’t require much effort for your pet to move around on the surface. It’s also worth considering what kind of activities your pet often does. If they play more than running, you should opt for something in between so your furry friend can still enjoy comfortable playtime without having too much difficulty getting around on the grass.

Determine Odor Control Techniques

One of the most effective odour control techniques is regular cleaning and maintenance. Artificial grass should be swept with a broom to remove debris, pollen, and other small particles that collect on the surface. Additionally, artificial turf requires occasional deep cleaning using a pressure washer or special cleaning solutions. To prevent odours from settling into the surface fibres, pet owners should clean up after their pets as soon as possible and avoid leaving pet waste on the grass for extended periods.

Another way to help reduce pet odours on artificial grass is to use an enzyme-based cleaner designed specifically for pet messes. Once applied directly to any spots contaminated by urine or faeces, these cleaners can break down organic matter and disinfect the area while helping eliminate strong pet odours from your lawn.

Evaluate Company Reputation

Company reputation can be important when considering a purchase, particularly for big investments. It is vital to evaluate the company if you plan to invest in artificial grass for your dog. Research customer reviews to understand better the company’s reliability, from how they handle customer service inquiries to the quality and durability of their products.

It would help if you also asked people you know who have used the same or similar product from that company and see how satisfied they were with their experience. Make sure to read through any warranties offered by the company to understand what kind of protection you will have against any potential problems with your product.

Keep Your Dog’s Behavior In Mind

It is important to consider your dog’s behaviour when deciding whether artificial grass suits you. Before purchasing, consider how often your dog eliminates waste and how much it weighs. Different types of material are better suited for different weights and amounts of urine and faeces, so be sure to evaluate the needs of your pup first.

Additionally, if your dog has an aggressive chewing habit or loves to dig in the dirt, then artificial turf may not be the best choice as he could potentially damage it. Lastly, consider the amount of time devoted to cleaning up messes on artificial turf compared to natural grass. If you don’t have the time needed for upkeep, this may not be a suitable option.

Check on the Drainage Mechanism

The drainage mechanism of artificial grass is one of the most important factors to consider. A good drainage system will allow liquids to quickly flow away from the surface, thus keeping it clean and dry. This also ensures your pup does not get wet when playing or laying on the grass. Check the quality of draining before purchasing any artificial grass, as poor drainage can lead to significant damage over time.


Artificial grass is an excellent option for dog owners looking to give their beloved pets a comfortable and safe area to play and relax. It has many benefits, such as being easy to maintain, durable, and mess-free. Additionally, it can be installed in any garden area with little effort or stress. Artificial grass is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a clean, comfortable space that lasts years. 

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